Walk down the Southern Ridges

A great family ride on the Southern Ridges: 3km ; Medium ; Shadow ; Playground

The Southern Ridges hike is well-known and loved, but it can get a bit crowded on the weekends. With young children, you can’t do the whole walk. So here is a reasonably short route that ends with a playground to motivate the youngest. It’s a diverse walk that the whole family will enjoy!


Walk recommended for young children

Start: Mount Faber Station

Parents can enjoy the view while the children play with the small and large bells.
Don’t miss the lovely wooden panels telling the story of Singapore.

Most of the walk is “cool” and shaded inside the forest! Let’s start by going downstairs (that’s the advantage of starting at Mont Faber station!); then, we continue on bridges a few meters above the ground. Later, you cross the famous Henderson Waves Bridge.

Finish: Hort Park
This small park is well organized and maintained with beautiful greenery. I love the orchid section, where you can find many kinds of orchids with their name. Besides, kids love the little play areas (great for 1 to 8-year-olds).

Alternative: If you don’t want to go to Hort Park, you can leave the South Ridge Bridges at Gillman Barracks to visit some galleries and enjoy an ice cream.

See more photos of the walk.

Tips for the Southern Ridges

The parks and trails can be closed, so always check on the NParks website before going: Hort Park and Southern Ridges.
For more details, download the National Parks leaflet on their website (or here if the link doesn’t work anymore); you can find the whole trail and details on the different points of interest.

Take mosquito repellent.

Restaurants/cafés :
In Hort Park, the restaurant Vineyard is good and has an outdoor space. Besides, service is quick, and it is easy with the kids.
If you stop at Gillman Barracks, you can find great ice cream at Creamier.

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