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Our Singapore Tour Guides

Our Singapore tour guides are passionate about the city and enjoy sharing their knowledge with families.

We collaborate with them to design Family Tours that cater to both adults and children with itineraries adapted to kids.

To offer flexibility for families with young children, we record the tour guides’ commentary, allowing you to explore Singapore at your own pace with a self-guided audio tour. This ensures a fun and relaxing experience for everyone with high-quality content.

Our French-speaking Singapore Tour Guide: Ariane Nabarro

Ariane - Singapore Tour Guide

Ariane Nabarro, a French woman who has called Singapore home for over 20 years, passionately advocates for the city’s rich history and vibrant culture.  This passion led her to become a licensed tour guide and create “Singapour Sur Seine,” a company dedicated to sharing Singapore’s hidden gems and captivating stories with French tourists and expats.

Ariane tailors her tours to different audiences.  She enjoys crafting engaging adult experiences, delving deeper into historical details and cultural nuances. 

However, she understands that children have a unique way of learning.  That’s why, she also partners with the French International School (IFS) to guide student outings during cultural celebrations like Chinese New Year and Deepavali.  These tours are designed to spark children’s curiosity and ignite their imagination through interactive activities and age-appropriate storytelling.

She’s been a strong supporter of KiddoTrip from the start because she shares our belief that successful tours for families require separate content for adults and children.

Listen to Ariane and follow her on Facebook.

Our English-speaking Singapore Tour Guide: Elaine Low

Elaine - Singapore Tour Guide

Born and raised in Singapore, Elaine became a teacher. But the walls of her classroom could not contain her overflowing curiosity. Elaine embarked on a new adventure: to share her love for history and culture not only in Singapore but also around the world. As in addition to being a tourist guide in Singapore, Elaine also accompanies children’s classes abroad.

With her love for the arts and culinary cultures, she adds a unique perspective to her tours.

You can find her on Facebook.