Why our Self-Guided Tours are Perfect for Families?

Imagine exploring a city at your own pace, tailoring the day to your family’s interests, and creating lasting memories together.  Our self-guided tours offer a unique solution for visiting a city, a flexible, affordable, and engaging activity for all ages.

The advantages of self-guided tours in Singapore

Self-guided tours have many advantages for families with young children:

  • Flexible Fun

Unlike set tours, you decide when to explore the city. Want to sleep in? No problem! Feel like starting early? Go for it! Self-guided tours give your family the freedom to choose a time that works best for everyone.

  • Explore at Your Own Speed

Traditional tours often move quickly, leaving little time to see things. Self-guided tours let you take your time at each stop. Need a bathroom break for a little one? No worries! Feeling curious about a specific landmark? Take your time. On the contrary, not interested in one topic, just skip it. You’re in charge of the pace!

  • Save Money

Singapore is an expensive city in Asia. But self-guided tours are a budget-friendly way to see the city. We keep our prices low so that all families can afford our tours.

  • Quality Time Together

Self-guided tours allow your family to explore the city together, without being part of a large group. This means you can chat, laugh, and make memories at your own pace, without worrying about keeping up with others. It’s a great way to bond and create a unique family travel experience.

Family visiting Chinatown, Singapore ©KiddoTrip

Level Up Your Exploration with Audio Guides

While self-guided tours offer flexibility and freedom, sometimes you miss the in-depth knowledge of a professional guide. This is where audio guides come in! Imagine having a friendly expert by your side, whispering fascinating stories and historical insights as you explore.

Our audio guides are packed with accurate information, delivered in an engaging way by experienced tour guides. Learn about hidden details you might miss on your own, uncover intriguing stories, and gain a deeper understanding of the places you visit.

Making Self-Guided Tours Engaging for Kids with Activity Books and Games

Beyond flexibility and budget-friendliness, self-guided tours can be a fantastic way to keep kids engaged with the city’s history and culture.

Our colorful activity books accompany our audio guides, providing bite-sized pieces of information about the city’s landmarks and attractions.  Kids can learn fascinating facts alongside fun activities like scavenger hunts, quizzes, or coloring pages.

Instead of passive listening on a traditional tour, activity books turn learning into a game, keeping children actively involved and excited to discover new things.

By engaging their curiosity, these resources ensure the whole family enjoys a memorable and educational experience. This is what makes our Family Tours really unique!

Self-Guided Tours vs. Guided Tours vs. City Games

Exploring a city with your family can be an unforgettable experience. Here’s a comparison of different approaches to help you choose the best fit for your needs:

Audio guides offer flexibility, but few exist in the city, and the quality of the information is random as rarely done by professional tour guides. They never provide content adapted to children which does not leave time for the parents to listen to the audio guide.

Guidebooks are a good starting point for research, but the information is quite limited and not engaging for children.

Group tours are affordable but offer less flexibility and don’t cater to children. Also, they are usually too long for children.

Private tours offer the most personalized experience but can be expensive. The tour guide will either talk to parents or kids rarely to both, creating some frustration. Also, they are usually too long for children.

City games can be a fun and interactive way to explore a city, but they don’t provide much information.