Youtube Founder's interview

Our story

We believe that exploring a city should be
a fun and educational experience
for the whole family to enjoy together.

Our Founding Story

As a mother of two lively boys and a passionate traveler, I know how challenging it can be to find educational experiences that are also fun for kids. That’s why I founded KiddoTrip – to help parents explore cities with their young children and create unforgettable family memories. With our carefully curated tours and activities, your whole family can learn and have fun together, all while experiencing the best a city has to offer.

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How an Explore&Play tour comes to life?

We understand that finding the perfect family-friendly tour can be a challenge. That’s why we collaborate with experienced tour guides to create a tour that is both short, fun, and informative for the whole family.

We record the tour guide’s narration, creating an audio guide that families can use at their own pace. This allows you to explore the city and its landmarks on your own schedule and at a pace that suits your family’s needs.

To make the tour even more engaging for young children, we create activity books that are packed with games and puzzles that are designed to complement the information covered in the tour. This provides an exciting and interactive way for children to learn about the city’s culture and history.

Finally, we test our tours and activity books with families to ensure that they are both fun and effective in teaching families about the city’s heritage. This allows us to refine and improve our tours and products, ensuring that families have the best possible experience.