School Field Trips in Singapore

School field trips in Singapore are more than just a break from routine – they’re opportunities to bring textbooks to life!
By exploring Singapore’s diverse neighborhoods, students gain firsthand experiences with the rich history and culture that define this nation. These immersive experiences spark curiosity, foster a deeper understanding of Singapore’s heritage, and create lasting memories.

Save Time and Enrich Your Field Trips with KiddoTrip’s Fun and Educative Games!

Flexible field trips for Preschool and Primary school students

KiddoTrip offers content for exciting field trip experiences in Singapore for Preschool and Primary school students. We provide all the content you need, but your teachers and parents will still be there to accompany the children. This keeps our trips affordable and flexible for your school.

We have two different Explore & Play Books for each location:

  • Ages 4-7: Fun and colorful books with short explanations and pictures, perfect for younger children.
  • Ages 7-10: More detailed books with engaging activities for confident readers.

Our books are available in both French and English!

Our school field trips in Singapore

Explore the vibrant cultures and history of Singapore with our Explore & Play Books! We offer engaging itineraries for popular field trip destinations like Chinatown, Little India, and Joo Chiat.
Our books will be fantastic for your school field trips during celebrations like Chinese New Year, the Mid-Autumn Festival, and Deepavali

With KiddoTrip, your students will gain a deeper understanding of Singapore’s diverse heritage through interactive activities and games.

Why Choose KiddoTrip for your school field trips in Singapore?

We have a unique proposition to enrich your school trips without time or big budget:

  • Save Time: Teachers don’t need to create activities, freeing them to focus on the curriculum.
  • Reliable Content: We work with professional guides to ensure accurate information.
  • Learning Through Play: Kids have fun with games, leading to better engagement and memory retention.
  • Flexible & Affordable: You only pay for the content, allowing you to customize the trip to your needs.
  • Customization Available: We can adjust itineraries or create activities specific to your class.

Interested in learning more?

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