Visit Little India with kids


Visit Little India with kids and discover the history of the Indians in Singapore with this self guided tour specially created for families.

Walking tour: 1h30-2h ; 1 km ; in English.

Each KiddoTrip VISIT includes:

  • an audio guide for both parents and children
  • and an activity book for each child.
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Visit Little India with your kids while having fun!

Visiting Little India with your kids is fun and easy thanks to KiddoTrip.

What is KiddoTrip?
KiddoTrip offers self-guided tours for families.
Each tour is designed for parents with young children.
Each visit includes an audio guide and an activity book for each child.
It allows you to explore Singapore at your own pace in a fun way!

How KiddoTrip Works ?
Once you have purchased the tour, you can find the audio guide in your account on Within a few days, the activity books for the children will be sent to you by post. Once received, you can then take the tour whenever you want.
The audio guide can be listened to by parents and children.
For better audio quality, we recommend connecting a speakerphone to your phone so everyone can hear well, even on noisy streets. But you can also connect to the audioguide with several phones and share the headphones.

Do you need an internet connection?
Yes, to access the audio guide you must have Internet on your phone or tablet during the tour as the audios cannot be downloaded.

Why do I have to choose the age of my children ?
The activity books are different according to the age of the children, with 2 categories: 4-7 years old and 7-10 years old.
. Put 0 if you have no children in this age category
. For a child of 7 years old, if he can already read well on his own, choose 7-10 years old otherwise the other will be more suitable.

About the tour
Visit Little India with your children while having fun and discover the history and culture of Indians in Singapore by strolling through the colorful and fragrant streets of Little India.
Click here for more details about the visit.

Number of children 4-7 years old

0, 1, 2, 3, 4

Number of children 7-10 years old

0, 1, 2, 3, 4