Thomson Nature Park

Thomson Nature Park is a great place for family outings. With its short trails and paved paths, it’s easy to navigate with a stroller or young children.

Opened in 2019, this 50-hectare park offers a chance to immerse yourself in nature and discover the ruins of an old Hainan village.

Thomson Nature Park


For your first family outing, the “Ruins and Figs Trail” (1.5 km) will take you through the park’s most scenic paths.

Source National Parks

The story of the Hainan village

In 1930, immigrants from Hainan Province, China, decided to settle on this land. They chose to build their homes and farms on the two small hills bordering the river.

The village thrived, reaching a population of about 100 Chinese, Malays, and Eurasians by 1960. The community lived in harmony, growing fruits like durians, pineapples, and rambutans, and raising poultry and pigs.

In 1980, the village was closed, and the residents left their homes, of which some ruins can still be seen today.

At the time of its existence, the village was isolated. It was only accessible by two small roads:

  • Jalan Belang: Belang means “stripes” in Malay, perhaps a reference to the tigers that were once seen in the area.
  • Lorong Pelita: Pelita means “oil lamp” in Malay. Electricity was installed in the village in the late 1960s.

Practical Tips

The park is accessible by bus 138, 138A, 167, 169, 860, and 980. Opening hours and accessibility information can be found on the National Parks website. Don’t forget water and mosquito repellent! If you want to have a local lunch, there is a Chinese restaurant within a 10-minute walk: Hwa Seafood (9 Tagore Ln, #01-02, Singapore 787472). Simple but good and filling.


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