Thomson Nature Park

Thomson Nature Park

Thomson Nature Park is a great place for family outings. With its short trails and paved paths, it’s easy to navigate with a stroller or young children. Opened in 2019, this 50-hectare park offers a chance to immerse yourself in nature and discover the ruins of an old Hainan village. Trails For your first family …

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School Field Trips in Singapore

School field trips in Singapore are more than just a break from routine – they’re opportunities to bring textbooks to life!By exploring Singapore’s diverse neighborhoods, students gain firsthand experiences with the rich history and culture that define this nation. These immersive experiences spark curiosity, foster a deeper understanding of Singapore’s heritage, and create lasting memories. …

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Raffles Hotel - Singapore National Monument

Singapore National Monuments

While Singapore boasts exciting theme parks and thrilling adventures, Singapore’s National Monuments offer a unique way to learn and explore Singapore.  Singapore has over 80 National Monuments, reflecting its rich multicultural background. Explore grand mosques and temples alongside colonial-era buildings. Learn about Singapore’s history from traditional Chinese clan houses to wartime sites like Fort Canning …

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Conserved Terrace Houses

Conserved terrace houses

150 East Cost RoadThese single-story terrace houses stand where the beach used to be. They are built on raised ground to protect against the rising tides then. The architectural style is unique: it is a mix of traditional local architecture with Western influence.